“Be Encouraged”

After having a week filled with “discouragement” last week, God has sought it fit to allow me to feel “encouraged” this week. He is truly an Awesome God!

Reflecting on the Psalms, which is a GREAT place to be, helps me to see all that David endured and how desperately he cried out to God in the midst of his despair, and how God heard his prayers! I love the Psalms and the words that David uses because I feel as though they are coming straight from my own heart.

When it comes to songwriting for me, songs and melodies tend to come out of my cries of desperation. Particularly on my album “I Cling to Jesus”. This entire album came out of prayers of distress where I found myself “clinging” to the Savior and praying for Him to hold fast to His promises. I’ve learned to place reminder scriptures around my house, to remind myself that God is working things out for my good and for His Glory in all circumstances. He has shown me time and time again how he can turn my sorrow into a song and this last week, He did it yet again.

On a Social Media site, I was getting chastised by someone, and felt very discouraged about why someone would choose to do this publically and what about my post even prompted this person to write they did. My post simply said “Jesus is the sweetest name I know.” So as I pondered over these words over and over and over again, God placed a melody in my heart and, as I so often do, I began to sing! And so I sang “Jesus is the sweetest name I know. The only name that satisfies my soul. The blind can see and lame can walk – and He’s the one that can make me whole. Jesus is the sweetest name I know!”

Out of this simple song God reminded me, it doesn’t matter what man will say. What matters is God and what He has done for me and the gifts He has given me to give Him Glory! He is the one who knows me and who satisfies me. He is my healer and only He can make me whole! He knows my heart for Him and for others and He is the one who brings me encouragement when others try to bring me down.

Jesus is the one who lifts me up and His name is truly the Sweetest name I know!


One thought on ““Be Encouraged”

  1. Amen! I love that you go to our Lord and Saviour. I too find this World to be cruel. But I believe that is why God sent His Son, Jesus! He is our Healer, Comforter and most of all Saviour. So “Cling To Jesus” often and hold on tight. The road is ruff and tuff but Jesus is So Much Bigger than that!

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