Can I Get Your Attention?

How Many Times do I Have to Tell You?

Why Won’t You Listen to Me?

Do you ever feel like God is trying to get your attention but it takes you a while to realize it?

Listen to me

That is exactly what happened to me a few days ago.

I was planning on attending my nephews graduation with my brother at Red Rocks Amphitheater here in Colorado.   It was a beautiful Thursday  morning.  The night before my brother text me that the graduation was at 9:00 a.m. and he would be here by 8:00 to pick me up.   So I scrambled all morning to get ready by 8:00.   I always worry when I’m going to be gone a long period of what I will eat or if I will be starving so I decided around 7:15 to make me a small breakfast.  So I put on some eggs to boil on the stove and then grabbed a yogurt and some fruit.  By 7:30 I thought I’d better go finish my hair and ran back upstairs to do so.

At 7:50 I remembered we might need an umbrella and our stadium seats because the seats there are very hard and it gets painful to sit for a long time.  So I ran downstairs and my little dog was following me around and barking and scratching my leg as if she wanted to come.  I told her NO over and over and still she kept jumping.    We had left her the week before for 4 days as I went on a songwriting retreat in Aspen, CO and so she had been acting strange since we got back, and finally I had to yell at her “No you cannot come with me!  STAY!”  To which she got scared and cowered down in fear.  I was then able to sneak out the garage door and get away from her.   I retrieved the umbrella from my car, and found the stadium seats on a shelf in back of the garage and leaned against my car to wait for my brother.

From the garage, I could hear my Gizzy barking up a storm and crying and I thought to myself, “What is wrong with her?  She never cries like this when I leave.  It must be because we left her last week and now she’s gonna freak out every time I leave.”  So I decided to close the garage door that way she would know I was really gone.    So now I am out on the driveway, and I can still hear her crying and barking.  It is now 8:20 and my brother is really late.  I text him and he said he was on his way.  So I then text my husband and tell him how weird it is that Gizzy is barking and crying now for over 20 minutes.

My brother finally arrives and I start to load my stuff in his car, and he turns off the car and says he’s got to go to the bathroom and so he goes in the house.  I tell him “Gizzy is right by the door,  don’t let her get out!”  So he goes in, and I wait.   Then when he comes back out – out runs Gizzy!   I call her to me and she comes right into my arms thinking she’s going with me!   And I have to tell the poor dog again, “You cannot come with me girl”   So I take her back in the house.    I then decide, since now I’m in the house,  I may as well use the restroom too, since we will probably be sitting in the car for a long time waiting to get up to Red Rocks.  So I go to the restroom, wash my hands and go to my kitchen to get some lotion for my hands before I head out again, and I JUST HAPPEN TO NOTICE that the my stove is still ON.   My stove is still on HIGH with my now BURNT eggs in it, and no water left in the little pan.

I almost walked out of my house leaving my stove on and would have been gone for  almost 4 hours!!!!

I could have burned my house down.   And my dog!

And I realized – God was giving me sign after sign to GO BACK IN THE HOUSE!

My dog was barking like crazy – I could have went back in to check on her.

My brother was super late – I could have went back in and made the bed and got something else to eat.

My brother had to go in for the restroom – I could have went in with him and checked on Gizzy myself to make sure she wouldn’t get out.

And finally my dog runs out of the house into my arms! – And then I HAVE TO GO BACK IN to put her back.

All of these signs God was giving me to protect me and was I just ignoring them and wanting to get going so we would not be late to the graduation!

We never know what God is doing behind the scenes to protect us and lead us and guide us.  He is ALWAYS working things out for our good even though we cannot see it.

We did not get back home until 12:00 from the graduation that day.  Three and a half hours I would have been gone with that stove on high.    I could have come home to a burned down house, and no dog.    I could have lost everything.   BUT GOD, was watching out for me.   God was warning me.   God was protecting me.    God was guiding me back into that house!

Just when I was having doubts that God wasn’t hearing my prayers, and I was having trouble feeling his presence, He showed me just how present He is in my life!   How much He loves me and cares about me!    How amazing is that????

God gave me a miracle that day.  A miracle of grace.  A miracle of mercy.   A miracle of protection.

I am so thankful for His Love and protection.   I love Him SOOOOOO very much.

Thank you Lord for taking care of me.   In my forgetfulness, in my stubbornness, in my ignorance.  Thank you protecting me and looking out for me.    In all the ways I cannot see, you are always taking care of me.   Help me Lord to pay better attention to you.   You are sovereign and mighty, and I love you!   Amen


My Gizzy.




Know How Powerful God Is

In my Cling to Jesus Club, we have been talking about Spiritual exercise.

Exercising your faith and the different ways we can grow and build our faith daily.

One of those ways is by Knowing how powerful God is.

He is a miracle worker and the creator of ALL things!
A few years ago during a troubling time in my life, I wrote a song about God’s miracles.   It wasn’t so much as a glorifying song and lifting Him up to all He has done, but more as a reminder to me that He is a powerful God and can handle ALL THINGS!   Even with all of the BIG things that need to be done, He still cares about my little things.  It is important to remember, that God has time for you and cares about you.

Your problems are NOT too small for Him.

Yes He is a Big God, but you are important to Him.  And it’s important to remind ourselves of that.

So I started from the beginning.  Yes the very beginning.
If He can bring the light out of darkness, part the sea and form the land


If He can Hang the stars out in the orbit and turn the dust into a man.

Then he can bring me strength out of my weakness

Build me up and make me strong

He can bring me Joy out of my heartache

And turn my sorrow into a song.

If He can bring the sight back to a blind man
Sight to blind man








Turn the water into wine

Water into wine

If He can calm the storm and walk on water

Calm the stormWalk on water


Heal the sick and restore the mind.

Heals the sick
Restores the mind


Then he can bring me strength out of my weakness

Build me up and make me strong

He can bring me Joy out of my heartache

And turn my sorrow into a song.


He can turn my sorrow – into comfort

He can turn my sorrow – into light

He can turn my sorrow – into His glory

He can turn my sorrow into a song!

If He can turn two fish into five thousand


And call out Lazarus from the grave


If He can give the voice back to a mute man


Mute Man


And make the lame to walk again


Lame to Walk

Then he can bring me strength out of my weakness

Build me up and make me strong

He can bring me Joy out of my heartache

And turn my sorrow into a song.


If He can take the cross up on a hillside


Up the hillside







Bare the sin of every man

Bore sin_002

If He can take the death, the grave the burial


And on the third day – Rise Again!      Rise Again_004

Then he can bring me strength out of my weakness

Build me up and make me strong

He can bring me Joy out of my heartache

And turn my sorrow into a song.

Rise Again_002

He can turn my sorrow – into comfort

He can turn my sorrow – into light

He can turn my sorrow – into His glory

He can turn my sorrow into a song

He can turn my sorrow into a song!




Do you believe He is a powerful God?  Do you believe He can help you and change your situation?  He is a God who loves you and cares about you.   And He CAN turn your sorrow into a Song!

To see more Spiritual Exercises to help you build your Faith –

Visit – Yvette Medina’s Spiritual Exercises

While you are there, take a listen to “Sorrow Into a Song” and remind yourself just how Powerful God is!

Taking Note of the Cross


How many crosses do you see around you?  Do you take note when you see a cross?  What do you think of when you see the cross?  Do you see so many that you don’t even think about it?   Or do they stand out to you and draw your attention?

For me, they draw my attention and I am mesmerized by them.

Crosses Across Colo_002


The symbol of the cross for me, is amazing and so powerful.  It is literally life changing!  What took place on the cross was just life changing.  What Christ accomplished on the cross was overwhelming and so remarkable.   The love that was shown was incomprehensible.    And so when I see a cross, I remember what was done and I am awestruck that someone would do such a thing for me, and sacrifice so much for me. It humbles me, knowing I did not deserve such a miracle.



When you think about it, there are so many different words to describe the cross.   First, there are the horrible words.  Death. Pain. Suffering. Anguish. Torture. Humiliation. Brutality. Sacrifice.


But isn’t it wonderful, that God uses ALL things for His good and for HIS GLORY?   He makes all things new. And we now have beautiful words to describe the cross.  Forgiveness. Love. Peace. Hope. Redemption. Eternity. LIFE!!!



I LOVE seeing the different crosses around my state and I LOVE photographing them.   I love seeing them at churches, or just in random places.  In a field or in someone’s yard or garden.  They show up everywhere around me.  And when I see them, I take note of them.  I soak them in.






Sometimes they will simply be two pieces of wood, nailed together.  Just that. That simple.  Plain. Worn.   But yet, it still has meaning and purpose.


And other times, they are different. Someone has designed it.  Someone has formed it. They have  added to it, and stained it, and painted it, and brought it new life.  Brought beauty to it.  Made it new!   And it still has meaning!  It still has purpose!


I love to see how people create and design.   We are all formed in the image of God and we are made to be like Him.   And He is a creator!   He is the creator of our universe.  He creates.   And I love to see people create.   I love to see what people can create out of two pieces of wood, or two pieces of metal.  The same symbol, but yet, in soooo many different, and beautiful designs.

My Christmas Cross

The cross has a different meaning for everyone.  What does it mean for you?

When you see it, do you see death, or do you see life?  One is not better that the other.  Both have significance, and great meaning.  Both were vitally important to our lives and to our purpose.   We needed the death to occur so we could have forgiveness.  Redemption.  And new life!   Let His death humble you.   Be grateful and thank Him for it.

And then let His Life and Resurrection bring you JOY!   See the beauty in the cross!   And thank Him again for LIFE!  For the hope and purpose He brings to you and your life!


The cross has a different meaning for everyone.  For me, the cross is EVERYTHING!


Follow me on FaceBook, to see the many photos of crosses that I have taken in a series I call “Crosses Across Colorado.”

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As you travel around your state, take note.  Or better yet, take a picture!  Share it with me on FaceBook!  I’d love to see the crosses that you come across where you live and feature them on my site!

Have a Blessed Easter!    Focus on the Cross!  And always Cling to Jesus!


Spiritual Exercise

Are you bombarded with posts, and commercials, and magazines, and blogs, and news reports, and tips, and trends and anything and everything exercise?

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but mostly guilty when I see these posts.  It’s not that I don’t know that I need to do these things or that I don’t know that they are good for me or that I don’t know that they are beneficial.  It’s just that I also know they are not enjoyable and sometimes they also cause pain in return.   It requires thinking and motivation and effort on my part.   Now don’t get me wrong, I do my part on getting on the treadmill, and I bowl with my family and try to stay active.  But by no means am I a health nut.  Heck, I don’t even have a gym membership.   But when it comes to spiritual exercise, now that’s a different story!

Spiritual Exercise (1)

Just like our physical body, our spiritual side also needs to be exercised.   And just as physical exercise strengthens us and has benefits, so does spiritual exercise!   The good thing about spiritual exercise though, is that there is no pain after!   So really there is no downside!

In my Cling to Jesus Club, we are exercising our faith regularly.   Here are some of the exercises we are implementing –

1 – Knowing you are Loved by God

2 – Praying for others

3 – Reading scripture

4 – Implementing worship

5 – Learning to be content and thankful

6 – Knowing how powerful God is

All of these things when you do regularly will help strengthen you and keep your mind focused on Christ.   Because truly, it through Him that we are made strong.  But sometimes we waver.   And that is why it is important to keep exercising our faith!   So that when you do waver, you can fall back on the things you know and remind yourself of His strength, and how He will make you strong and keep you going!

Many more exercises are still to come.  You are welcome to join in and follow along on my website or via FaceBook.


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Take Up Your Armor Pt 2

We finished up our Armor of God study in my Cling to Jesus Club!   If you took part, I want to thank you for your dedication.

There was so much to learn and my hope is that you are now equipped  with all of the pieces of Armor that you need to make you a GREAT Prayer Warrior.  Since that was our goal.

After we completed the Shoes of Peace, we moved right along to the Shield of Faith –


Every soldier needs a shield to protect him from the enemy.  In Roman times, the enemy would use arrows and swords when they would attack.  They would sometimes even shoot flaming arrows to set their dwelling places on fire.   In the same way, the enemy shoots spiritual arrows at us in an effort to pierce our hearts with discouragement and make us fearful, anxious or uncertain.   All with the intentions of incapacitating us.  The shield we have against these arrows is our FAITH – and it is a powerful protection!   Back in Genesis, God told Abraham, “Do not be afraid, I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward.” Gen 15:1  Our FAITH grows stronger when we read the Bible and we pray.  God is Faithful.   The Lord God is a sun and a shield’ the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”  Psalm 84:11  FAITH dissolves fear and makes us Courageous!  Jesus said “Do not be afraid; only believe.”  Mark 5:36  and “All things are possible to those who believe.”  Mark 9:23

Our FAITH must grow strong enough to believe for the impossible because we believe in the God of the impossible, and with Him, all things are possible!  Even if our FAITH is shaky sometimes, His faithfulness never is!

Our shield is something that we must “take up”.  It requires action.   Faith doesn’t just happen.  It takes an effort to believe.   When you let your guard or your shield down and stop believing that God is in control, that is when the enemy can pierce you with his fiery arrows.   You must KEEP BELIEVING!  Keep TRUSTING!  And Keep the FAITH!   Hold fast to the Word of God and your FAITH will be made STRONG.


Next was the Helmet of Salvation


The helmet protects a soldier’s head.  Our spiritual helmet protects our head as well. It protects us from the lies of the enemy!  The enemy wants you to think you are worthless, rejected, weak, bad, unimportant, hopeless and unlovable.  He wants you blinded to everything that Jesus did for you!

But when you put on the Helmet of Salvation, you are transformed through the renewing of your MIND!  And you can see yourself as God sees you!  As someone worth dying for.  God sees you as chosen and accepted.  You are strong and good!  You are important and you are LOVED!  You are adopted by the King of the Universe and that makes you royalty!  Put on your helmet of salvation every day to remind yourself that you are protected from the enemy and the lies that he tells you!  Remind yourself that you are LOVED by God and you have the right to wear it as a royal crown!


And finally, the Sword of the Spirit.


From the time Jesus was born, Satan was trying to kill Him.  Remember when King Herod ordered all of the babies to be killed and Mary and Joseph had to flee the city?  Thirty years later, Satan came after Jesus again, and Jesus’ weapon against him was God’s Word.   No spiritual battle can be won without God’s Word.  It is often called a double edged sword.  It can be used as an offensive and a defensive weapon.

The Bible is alive and has power!  It will protect you from attacks of the enemy.  Every day, speak the Word, Pray the Word and Live the Word!  Let it live in you so that it becomes a part of your Armor!



Once we finished all of our pieces of Armor – We celebrated!  We celebrated with music!    Check out this fun catchy video to help you remember the pieces of your Armor!


Now that we completed our Armor of God, it’s time to move on to the Story of Easter!  That’s what’s coming up next in our Cling to Jesus Club!


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Take Up Your Armor

In my Cling to Jesus Club on FaceBook, we have been studying the Armor of God, and I have been truly blessed by the things that I have learned.

The Symbols of the armor can encourage and help us to see things of God in a whole new way.

Take for instance, the Belt of Truth –

The enemy will use lies to confuse you and fill you with anxiety and fear.  He will completely mess up your thinking and weaken you if you start to believe his lies.  Every day you must combat his lies with God’s truth.  The truth that God loves us.  That He is our protector.  That you can do all things by His strength.

We should Gird our waist with His TRUTH.  Just like a weight lifter supports his back and his waist, we need to support our spiritual core.   Surround yourself with TRUTH and don’t allow anything other than TRUTH to enter in.  Pray that you will not be deceived.   Live in God’s TRUTH.  Live by God’s Word!  His word will protect you by strengthening your core being!

Jerash RACE show


And the Breastplate of Righteousness –

We need to protect our heart with righteousness in the same way a soldier protects his heart with a bullet proof vest.  We need to make a decision every day to live a righteous life.   The only way to live a righteous life, is with God’s help and the help of the holy spirit.  When you live your life in a righteous manner, your life is covered and your heart is protected.   The breastplate of righteousness is the righteousness of Jesus inside of you!  Strive to  Live a life of righteousness!



Shoe your feet with the Gospel of Peace!

Every soldier learns to protect their feet.  They have special shoes or boots, like cleats, to stand strong against the enemy and keep from slipping.

We too, need to have the foundation we walk on solid and protected.

Having peace with God and peace in God is the unshakable foundation from which we can defend ourselves and stay strong!

The enemy wants to steal our peace and keep us stirred up, anxious, fearful, upset, and always waiting for something bad to happen.  But God has peace and offers healing for any bad memories or bad things that have happened.   A peace that passes all understanding!   Jesus made it possible to have this peace.  The kind that carries us, stabilizes us, grounds us and keeps us from slipping.  This enables you to stand strong and walk forward against the enemy and take back the territory that he has stolen from you!


These are the first 3 pieces of the armor that we have studied, and I am grateful for what I have learned. It helps me with my daily walk with Christ and it helps me to remember that He is with me through every challenge that I face and He never leaves my side.

We go into battle every single day, and it is important for us to be equipped, protected and prepared, so we can be ready to face any battle that comes our way.

Be blessed today, and put on your Armor!   God is with you!



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Putting on the Full Armor of God

I don’t know about you, but I find myself in a different battles almost every single day!  If it’s not a battle at home, then it’s a battle at work.   There are battles on the road, and on social media.  Everywhere you turn, there seems to be a battle.

I need to remind myself that there are tools that God has given me to take on these battles every time they come my way!
For we know that our battles are not only physical, but are spiritual. We are in a constant fight against the evil one.  Ephesians 6:10-20 tells us



There is so much for us to learn based off of these passages.

I’d like to invite you to Join my Club.  My Cling to Jesus Club on Facebook.  We are about to endeavor on a study based on this passage.  If you are like me, and find yourself facing different battles in your life, then you are welcome to join me!
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